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Casey was in trouble. But she didn't care cause it gave her a chance to flirt with her teacher. She always fantasized about trying a black cock cause she heard they were huge. Could it be true?
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Holy shit! She had no idea how GIANT his black cock actually was! Watch Casey ger her tiniest schoolgirl pussy stretch out and torn up by this monster cock!
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Name: Casey
Birthday: April 29th, 1982
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Measurements: 34-26-34
Interests: “I like going to the school library and flirting with the guys are trying to study!”
Favourite Position: Reverse Cowgirl!
Spit or Swallow?: Normally i swallow, but it depends on my mood!
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Our girls are fresh out of high school and horny as hell!
They are still tight as fuck, but that won't last long... We're going to break them in a few times :)

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